Whole Foods is a great store as they are everywhere. Also, with Amazon Prime you could have food delivered within an hour. You should expect this page to only grow with more options.

Buying fruit in season allows you to naturally incorporate variety into your nutrition. Watermelons are seasonal to the summer. Just be mindful of how much you buy. I love the idea of purchasing a watermelon this size for a family to leave on the counter as on option for a snack instead of ice pops.

These greens are already pre-washed and the packaging wouldn’t make a bad bowl for someone on the go. Just grab one of the protein options we suggest. If you are traveling on business and wanted a healthy lunch this is great. If you are stuck on a field all day, head to a local Whole Foods instead of succumbing to a nearby pizza place. You will feel much better after eating this yummy option. A side note*** travel with your own salad dressing or stick with oil and vinegar.

Fruits are delicious because they are higher in sugars, some more than others. Fresh fruit is definitely a healthier choice than a chocolate chip cookie, but too much might not be the right option either. We recommend that you speak with an embodyCoach about high sugar fruit to learn which fruits are higher in fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and lower on the glycemic index.

These fruit juices are in the health aisle but it is not a great choice. When you eat a whole fruit, you are eating the skin, fiber and pulp, but juice eliminates all that, and concentrates the sugar into a delectable liquid. Rocket fuel. Juice is deceiving. We have been taught that all the best items are on the outside aisle of the store. I get so frustrated with that advice! Being healthy is not that simple, and now that food manufacturing and store chains have become privy to that advice, we see healthy imposters on the perimeter. Don’t be manipulated with product placement. Go eat a fresh piece of fruit.

These delicious Whoopi Pies were placed right outside the vegetable aisle and nowhere near the bakery. Located on the cap, prime real estate in supermarkets, these are placed for high visibility. Product placement in a store is well thought out (there’s a reason why lip balm and gum are in front of the register). Having kids near impulse items at checkout is sheer brilliance by the store and hell as a parent waiting to pay.

This package boasts organic flour and spinach in a wrap. Go grab a piece of lettuce and make a lettuce wrap. Don’t fall for fake news.

Although we discourage sugary beverages, kombucha is different. We love kombucha! The sugars in kambucha are digested by the live cultures in the fermenting process, and by law, the sugar must appear on the label. The net sugars for a kambucha that started with 15 g sugars is approximately 5-7 g. While amazing, kambucha does not replace water. Water is always the best way to go to stay hydrated.

This option is ok for the road. Anne gives it a B+. A quick reminder that home-cooking is always a better option, but ocasionally we find ourselves out with limited options. A couple ingredients here include the word “organic” , and that doesn’t necessarily mean healthiest option.

Turkey breast from the deli is one of my favorite post-workout snacks. The amino acid profile is great to help muscle recovery. All turkey is not created equal, so make sure to read the label and avoid reconstituted turkey and nitrates.

I love kale salad and was excited when I saw this option. I thought I could pick out the dried cranberries and manage the walnuts. It tasted sweet because I don’t eat a lot of sugar, and these cranberries are coated with quite a bit of cane sugar. This was not a great option for me. The price is right, and losing the cranberries and adding some of the sliced turkey may work for some. However, I recommend going back to purchase the pre-washed greens.

Roasted chicken is a great emergency option when you are starving.

Grilled chicken can lend itself to many types of salads or lettuce wrapper sandwiches.

Not all salmon is the same. We don’t know a lot about how the salmon is prepared but we know for sure that teriyaki is sweet. Stick with the with the plain grilled salmon. Another great option for the container of greens.