400+ Pounds Lost

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After a lifelong dieter, my health was transformed when I stopped following any diets. Our program is based on the same philosophy of focusing on a healthy lifestyle with weight loss being a side-effect. I am currently down 40 pounds and the lowest weight of my life.
Nicole(embody owner) down 40 pounds

Nicole (embody owner)


I love it! It’s positive to see this and keep going towards my goal! Thank you guys for being so supportive.
Rejeni (current member) down 29 pounds and a vegetarian


We joined embody fitness for my 17yr old with Down Syndrome and other med issues could see that eating healthy and exercising is a good thing. We have come away with her losing 45 lbs (since the end of Feb), a new grasp on life, independence, and a new group of friends who have joined our “village”. They have proven cooking and eating is a good thing, is the choices involved that is the key! The education of it, community and support cannot compare to other gyms I have attended.
Danielle (current member)


The first picture was taken on December 13, 2018
The second picture was taken on January 31, 2019

“Joint pain resolved in 4 weeks. I really love the fact that the program is individually tailored based on each person’s needs and abilities. This is definitely not a cookie-cutter. I definitely feel like I could maintain these results for a lifetime. I better understand the parameters in choosing food when not eating at home, and exercise makes me feel better.”

Achievement unlocked-now that it is finally summer, I just tried on my skinniest shorts from my lowest weight 5 years ago, and they fit with room! I’m five pounds heavier than then, but clearly, it is more muscle! Thank you.
Kathleen (current member)



If anybody had told me when I started 9 weeks ago that I would lose more than 10%
of my weight in 7-8 weeks, feel good about that journey, and then continue to gain in fitness and lose weight beyond that, I would have been intensely skeptical. Now after more than two months I feel more confident than in any other program that I am on a
sustainable path – I can and will keep doing this till I hit my goal weight, AND I feel certain I’ll be able to maintain my newfound fitness and wellness beyond that. I can’t think of another program out there that I would be able to recommend that can deliver that. I would suggest that anybody considering the program, go ahead and make the commitment.

Suraj down 50 pounds


I lost 46lbs going to Embody. Nicole, Anne, and Paul thank you for supporting me and caring about me and my health. I like my new food, my new clothes, and friends.. Down Syndrome has No limits and you have helped me get stronger. I should get more friend said to come
Emily is down 60 pounds and maintaining her results


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Melissa lost 27 pounds in three months.

I am glad I found EmbodyFitness and gave it a shot. I always thought I knew what to do and what to eat. I thought I knew when to push and when to rest. Well guess I didn’t know it all. What I did realize, after all of the gym memberships that all went unused, was that I needed more than a gym…I needed a community, a support system, but mostly I needed accountability. Embody offers all of that and more! They are an amazing team who do care, make you accountable, push you when you need to be pushed and want to see you succeed. 8 weeks in I can say it works and has changed the way I approach everything from eating to exercise. Melissa