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Glow-up 6 week program centers on athletic performance and fat loss/muscle definition, not weight loss! The embody Glow-up utilizes science to customize a plan for each person’s individual goals. If you want to run/walk a 5k(marathon, triathlon, 10k), fit into your skinny jeans, and improve your immune system this is the perfect program at the perfect time. Spend this historic moment in time building healthy habits to prepare for the new normal. The entire program is customized interactive remote plan.

Program includes:

embody video assessment

Example video assessment
A live coach remotely guides you through an assessment that allows the entire coaching staff to evaluate muscle imbalances and/or mobility issues to create a unique, customized plan.

Personalized Fitness Program

Pop-up Cardio and SGT
Remote workouts designed for personal goals based on and determined by embody video assessment.

Customized Nutrition Plan

A real food meal plan with a recipe book. Learn what and how to eat focused on performance and fat loss. Meal plans are designed by a registered dietitian with a focus on family-friendly foods.

Unlimited Classes

Foam Rolling with Paul
Members have access to Pop-up Cardio, Foam rolling, Yoga, Bootcamp, Pilates, and Stretch and Core.

Weekly Check-ins and accountability

Supportive weekly check ins to keep everyone accountable and on track. The six-week program is a time to learn about how your body works from certified professionals.

When you purchase, please also complete the form below to give us a background on your fitness restrictions. Please complete this honestly so that we can be aware of how we can help you. If you have any questions, please contact Nicole at 781-249-6193.