$199 for 1 month of Remote Training

Usually $279 a month

Remote Training Includes:

  • Remote Interactive Training Sessions (via Zoom)
    • Personal Training
    • HIIT Workouts
    • Stretch and Core
    • Yoga
    • Bootcamp
  • Cooking Classes Focusing on Healthy Eating
  • Meal Plans
  • Coaching from Certified Professionals Including a Registered Dietitian
  • Community Interaction in the Time of Social Distancing

Join the Healthy Habits Challenge Today!

Build your immune system and support local business. Get points for healthy habits. Every week, the person with the most points receive a gift card to their favorite local business. We will give a big embody shout out to their favorite local business.

Call or text Nicole with any questions. 781.249.6193

Today is the day to embody the lifestyle.

Here is what the members have said about the new embody Remote program:

“You asked for feedback. It was great! Thanks for the remote sessions, we were so worried about gaining weight and not staying active. This works!”- Supriya

“Had a great remote session with Nicole today! Apparently all you need to work hard is floor space and a wall….Thank you so much!”- Gali

“It was awesome-no need to drive, no need to worry about kids’ timings or them being alone.”- Prahsant

“Today was my first remote class, like it. Please add more remote sessions.”- Jhansi

“Thanks embody team again for a great home workout! You guys have stepped up to the challenge! Thank you!!”- Rejeni

“Thanks for adapting to the new reality so quickly!! We really appreciate your commitment!!!”-Elise