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The New Summer Slim Down is everything you need to get healthy in quarantine.

The embodyTeam created a six-week plan focused on nutrition, fitness, and mental health with a new plan for the new normal.

$279 for new members and free for current members.

New! Customized meal planning tools to simplify the coaching process.

Work with a coach and customize a meal plan based on the family-friendly, real-food embody recipe book.  Recipes are constantly updated for trends in our society. Meal plans are available for vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores. Just select the meal you’re going to make and all the rest of the information will fill out for you.

Example of one day of meal planning

New fun ways to stay accountable

Schedule your embody workouts and restorative classes. You also get to work with a embodyCoach to customize a lifestyle plan based on your current fitness level and focused on your goals. All information will be reviewed in group Calendly appointments at the bottom of page. If you can not make any of the times listed, please text Nicole 781.249.6193.

Earn points for healthy behaviors and receive up to 42% off the growing embodyStore.  Every day you hit 75% of your maximum number of points, you receive a 1% discount. This may not sound like much, but over the course of six weeks, you have 42 opportunities to get another 1% off. Yes, do the math, that’s some serious savings on our favorite apparel! We plan on growing the store. If you have any ideas for a shirt you’d like to see, let us know and we’ll see what we can do! We all need something to celebrate during these crazy times. All products are final sale only. No returns. The embodyCoaches have all these items in our own closets, so just ask us anything before buying.

Member’s Only Meal Plans

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