Lower Body Mobility

15 minute session designed to improve mobility throughout the ankles, knees, hips, and lower back.  Our modern lifestyles combined with past injuries lead to issues around these joints that end in more pain and worsening movement.  Find relief from plantar fasciitis, achilles tendinitis, knee pain, SI joint pain, and more.  This session always precedes upper body mobility so you have the option to stay for a total body routine.

Upper Body Mobility

15 minute session aimed at improving mobility around the upper back, shoulders, and neck.  Frequent sitting and screen time leads to poor posture and tightness, followed by pain and injury in these areas of the upper body.  Help decrease neck and shoulder pain, forward head posture, and a rounded upper back during this session.  This session always follows lower body mobility.

Pop Up Cardio

30 minute higher intensity bodyweight workout designed to crank up the heart rate, boost the metabolism, and burn body fat.  Modifications provided for all high impact (jumping or running) exercises.  Get ready to sweat and have some fun!

Small Group Training (SGT)

These 45 minute sessions are limited to 6 people with one coach so that we can cater the workout to each member’s goals and abilities.  During these sessions we focus on a combination of strength training, corrective exercises, cardio, and mobility to have you looking, feeling, and performing your best.

Outdoor Classes


We worked hard through 2020 with the Burlington Board of Health to provide this new, safe outdoor fitness program.

  • All participants must pre-register before the class. We can not accept drop-ins!
  • Classes will be limited to 9 participants.
  • No sharing equipment
  • Face covering will be required. If you need to remove your face covering during the workout for safety reasons you will need to make sure to social distance during class.
  • Social distancing during class (10 feet apart, to be safe). We will try to set up cones beforehand to show adequate spacing.
  • If anyone is not feeling well, we ask you to not attend. We will provide a liberal cancellation policy, the most important thing to us is the health of our community.


Mary Cummings Field in Burlington

1 Blanchard Rd

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Outdoor Functional Training

Small group training session focused on functional fitness. It is the perfect combination of strength, cardio, and mobility. Equipment needed will be fitness bands, fitness mat, and fandana.

Monday – 8:15 AM

Wednesday – 8:15 AM

Friday – 7:30 AM

Non-Member Prices
1 Class is $20
5 Class Pack $90 ($100 value)

Classes have a 3 month expiration date.

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Outdoor Bootcamp

A high energy and fast paced workout with fun music. Be ready to get your sweat on! Class is run by a certified instructor. Equipment needed will be fitness bands, fitness mat, and fandana.

Monday – 6:30 AM, 9:15 AM

Wednesday – 6:30 AM, 9:15 AM

Friday – 6:30 AM

Non-Member Prices
1 Class is $20
5 Class Pack $90 ($100 value)

Classes have a 3 month expiration date.

By appointment only

Backyard Yoga

Set up a social distancing yoga class with 5-8 of your friends and have a certified yoga instructor will come to you. Class will follow social distancing guidelines in the safety of your own backyard. A Manduka restorative yoga retail package is available for you to purchase. By appointment only. 6-9 participants required.

Non-Member Prices
1 Class $25 per person
5 Class Pack $100 per person ($125 value)