Fat loss challenge schedule

Sticking to the schedule is most important. Decide on the time of your last meal of the day and work back from that meal. For example, you know you will be meeting friends for dinner at 7:30 and you plan on being at the restaurant until 9:30, you will have to have your first meal at 1:30

For this challenge, focus more on eating all of your meals within the 8 hours each day, and less on whether you are getting a full 16 hour fast between each feeding window. If you eat from noon-8pm on Monday it’s OKAY if you eat from 10am-6pm on Tuesday. In that example, your overnight fast is only 14 hours long, but if you stick with the 8 hour eating windows, you’ll average 16 hour daily fasts for the week.

Recipe books will be split up by Meal One, Meal Two, or Meal Three, We encourage you to pick an “off plan” day and relax for eight hours on that day. If you like smaller frequent meals, have three. If you like larger meals, combine three meals into two.

28 Day IF Challenge Schedule

AM FastNon-caloric beverages only, no artificial sweetenersWater, black coffee, black tea, green tea
Meal 18 hours before last mealBegins feeding window Meal One Recipe
Meal 2Optional (Can combine into other 2 meals)16 oz of water with Meal Two Recipe
Meal 3Last meal of the day16 oz of water with Meal Three Recipe
PM FastRestart fastWater, and chamomile tea
Overnight fastSleepGoal 7-9 hours

Stay hydrated throughout the day by consuming half of your body weight in ounces in water. (150 pound person should have minimally 75 oz water) Front load your water early in the day to avoid needing to get up frequently though your sleep hours.

Continue your fast upon waking. (You should know approximately when your last meal of the day will be, so you know to have your first meal 8 hours prior to that. If it is 8:00pm, then start your feeding window at noon.)

Because of sleep, work and social schedules, you may wind up fasting longer than 16 hours. Focus more on an 8 hour feeding window than the 16 hour fast in these cases.

Remember, missing lunch is not intermittent fasting! Stick to a solid feed window of eight hours every day of the challenge. If necessary, extend your fast. Ask your embody Coach when is the right time to do this.

Bullet coffee recipe

You will struggle in the beginning. And what happens when life gets in the way and you can’t stick to the 8 hour feeding window for a day? Don’t sweat it, just get back on track the following day.