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Are you on a treadmill and going no where fast?

Meet with an embody coach to review your current workout and nutrition routine to see why you aren’t getting results.

If anybody had told me when I started 9 weeks ago that I would lose more than 10% of my weight in 7-8 weeks, feel good about that journey, and then continue to gain in fitness and lose weight beyond that, I would have been intensely skeptical. Now after more than two months I feel more confident than in any other program that I am on a sustainable path. -Suraj

Or, Are you afraid to get on a treadmill?

The embody team specialize in injuries and pain management for all fitness levels.

During the summer, my personnel trainer recommended Embody Fitness to me. I was apprehensive because I’ve failed at so many programs.  She thought I needed a jump start and that Embody Fitness would be just the right plan. I trust her, so I went. Since I have many health issues, I was apprehensive about doing the exercises.  Also, I worried about whether I would like the food. I’ve only been a part of the embody community for 17 days but I’ve lost 12 pounds.- Chris

How is embodyFitness different?

Fitness Restoration Nutrition Community

We are not a gym. We are not a weight loss studio, and we certainly don’t focus on one after photo! We are committed to our members having a lifetime of “after photos”. The fitness industry is trending in the wrong direction, using confusing sound bytes to drive sales not results. Our primary focus is on results, combining fitness, nutrition, restoration, and community to transform lives forever. The below pictures are just a snapshot and not the final destination for the embody community.

Members maintaining results in 2019

Down 30 pounds
Down 30+ pounds
Down 50 pounds
Down 30 pounds
Down 30+ pounds
Down 40 pounds
Down 30+ pounds
Down 30 pounds
Down 40 + pounds
Down 50 pounds

What does your free assessment include?

1. Phone consult discussing goals. 781.249.6193

2. Schedule your first in-person meeting with Nicole

3. Fill out health forms and join a small group training session if appropriate.

4. You will be given the opportunity to review the meal plan, complete a fitness assessment, ask questions, and discuss the program. There are no hard sells or contracts at embody.

no contracts

Our mission is to create a successful and healthy community, and we feel that contracts and obligations would undermine that philosophy. We provide the highest quality service with no contracts at embody.