New Challenge

My family has become accustomed to hearing that I am going “hardcore” into a plan. Last year, I was training for my first 50 miler. During quarantine I have dabbled in veganism, The 6 week Glow-up, and now the Summer Slimdown. I completed the 50 Miler with only one short trip in an ambulance and after two challenges I lost the COVID-14. So, with the SSD, I am not sure if I will see results on the scale, but I am ready.  My clothes are fitting well. I am probably down a few sizes, and feel why do another challenge?

For me, I live for growth and transformation. I am excited to learn new things during the next six weeks. Also, I always struggled with my daughter’s coaches who sat on the sidelines while screaming orders. I am in the trenches with the members.My goals with the SSD is to focus on stress management, mobility, and a body for hiking. A special shout out to Gali for inspiring me. 

First Week Results

I am excited that the first week in and I am seeing some results. 

I had my first hike this Friday and was mediating at the top of the mountain before 10:30 am. I completed a hike that takes an average of 1:45 in under 1:30. That might sound insignificant, but it is not to me.  

My MS diagnosis has caused balance issues that impacted my ability to hike. During my 50 Mile Ultra Marathon the biggest obstacle I faced was the 13 miles on the Appalachian Trail. It hurt my final time and was my greatest challenge.  For years, my husband patiently waits for me down every mountain while little dogs and kids in sandals might pass me. 

Living with a chronic disease means that my body will betray me. I love finding some ownership of my symptoms and committing to these challenges helps. I will struggle, fail, and grow. 

.A challenge is not supposed to be easy, and the Summer Slim Down delivers on that promise. 

  1. The mobility homework is not as fun as running. 
  2. Finding the time to mediate is tough. 
  3. Tracking my food is cumbersome.
  4. Chasing around family members to eat with me, is annoying(to them).  
  5. What? Am I addicted to screens?

What did I learn the first week?

  1. Mobility – I am confident that all the extra points with the mobility homework helped me crush my goals up and down that mountain.
  2. Mediation- Wow! I was stressed out.
  3. Food Diary- We are working on improving the embody tracking tool. We are excited to roll it out this weekend. 
  4. No screens in bed or during meals-That has  been interesting. I have loved meals with my family. It has been nice to use my bed for its intended purpose. 

I have 5 more weeks and plan on adopting many of the changes I have made. I am excited to finish a challenging climb in a respectable time. I plan on bragging about my new hiking skills to my neurologist during the next appointment. I will consider another 50 milers in 2021 and own the Appalachian Trail. 

My Setback will become My Comeback.

Members voted on the most recent embody t-shirt, and I love wearing it (pictured below).  Living with MS and running marathons and an ultra marathon has defined my MS. It was very similar to managing a small business during COVID. Life never guaranteed an easy ride, but I will be defined by how I manage those unpredictable obstacles.

We want to hear from the members, How is it going for you?

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