How come it is so hard to manage hump day?

Based on my commitment in the past 48 hours I should just need hair extensions to look like Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2. 

I have been working out hard for months, but the last 48 hours pushed me over the edge. My nutrition has been on point and I survived multiple challenging temptations. I said no to a homemade deep dish pizza with sausage. I went to bed early instead of indulging in late night ice cream with the family.  Now I hit hump day! The day or time of the program that I have earned a break! Just a little spoon of ice cream, a couple chips with salsa while I set up for the next season of Ozark cannot be that bad. I  will go for a longer run tomorrow morning. Maybe, I can even skip breakfast and push myself a little more on my Peloton bike Honestly, I don’t own a Peloton bike, but the advertising is very compelling.  

Does this sound familiar? There is a reason why how you manage your hump day matters . Depending on when you take a break or go off plan can impact your results. This can be one of the few times in life that effort doesn’t equal reward? If you understand the “why” it will help you stay committed to managing hump day.

Your body wants to do what it was doing.  Living healthy, spot on, for 48 hours is the equivalent of your body holding it’s breath.  Your body is waiting for you to go back to the intermittent ice cream or chips.  You eat the deep dish pizza ( just 2 slices!) and there you sit, back at the  pre 48 hour mark, but still having sacrificed hard core for those 48 hours with nothing to show.  So frustrating.  Ever notice that some people can eat that ice cream without an issue?  Changing your habits slowly over time, allows your body to adapt so that when you do have that ice cream, your body lends itself to reverting back to the healthy habits.  Your body will reflect what you do most, so even though you may have faced 9 million challenges in the form of birthday parties, family members showing up with chocolates, or maybe just standing in the kitchen out of boredom staring down a box of doughnuts in those 48 hours (and congrats!), you need to get more healthy habit time under your belt before you become one of those people who can just eat the ice cream.

Stick with it through hump day, and don’t look to fall off the wagon, or even just lean over the side, in the first few days.  Establishing a healthy routine for some make take 3-4 days and others maybe 1-2 weeks, depending on your existing habits.  Either way, you will get there, don’t give up too quickly.  Manage hump day with laser focus of Linda Hamilton (or Arnie) and you’ll soon be on the other side.  Hang in!

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