Dear Pat’s Nation,

We are in unfamiliar territory. The Pats are done for the year.  We don’t know the future of Belichick or Brady.  No one is in the mood to purchase TB12 meals

How do we move forward with so much uncertainty in our future?  No worries because your embody Pollyana is here to look on the bright side. I can think of 4 reasons to be excited for January in New England.

  1. Every single weekend in January just opened up for your entire family.
  2. Time to do household chores just increased dramatically. 
  3. Happy Birthday to all Capricorns and Aquarius out there. You have a birthday party planning freedom for the first time in 10 years. This is a particularly important for anyone 10 years old or younger. 
  4. On a personal note, anyone who is a fitness industry employee just became available to work an additional day of the week, and we are excited to offer you even more classes in services in January.

Let’s focus on number 4 for a little.  For the first time in 10 years, I am not concerned about the staff this month. I won’t have to find coverage or have zero attendance on big game days. I don’t need to coach members on food choices during football parties. So let’s celebrate a new January for New Englanders by getting excited for everything that January now has to offer at embody.


Join us at 4 for the new Tai Chi

January 12th-January 19th

Bring a Friend Week. You will get an embody gift for every friend who joins the program. Don’t let your friend commit to a gym with intense contracts and minimal results.  Encourage them to join a program that promotes the exact opposite. Results without any long term commitments. (My friends are coming this week because they couldn’t wait. Make sure you welcome them the embody way.)

January 15th 

Winter Reboot. Get pumped for a new meal plan, new stress reducing program and new equipment.

January 18th 2-4 pm

Bring a friend and join us for the “No Diet” talk with Wholistic Health Alliance. There will be great information, and as always, healthy and delicious food. 

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