So I am currently training for my first 50-miler and I was recently diagnosed with a severe nickel allergy. This weekend was a double whammy. It was hot and I was hungry. My options were limited because I am following a nickel free diet and I have a strict training schedule.

When you have MS the heat will aggravate symptoms so it is a great reason to stay in a room with A/C. The nickel content in most processed foods is very low. This weekend life would have been a lot easier to rent movies and eat pizza in the A/C. So, how did I stay motivated with all these great excuses?

Visualization is a key to managing temptation. How would I feel in 30 minutes after I finish that pizza. How would I feel if I woke up at a normal time and couldn’t run all day?

Commit to a schedule. If I am struggling with my nutrition, I pick a day to start eating better. My workouts are scheduled with a purpose which makes it easy to stay on track. I keep my goals realistic and attainable.

Support from the community. I announce my goals to the people around me. I look for friends and family willing to keep me accountable.

The only reason to be immobile is if we are concerned with risk of paralysis. Otherwise, you need to move. I can not think of a reason to eat processed foods, but I am sure I will hear some great reasons from members this week.

It is very easy to slip into bad habits especially with valid excuses. We should never put our health on the back-burner too long. Today is the perfect day to feel better.

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