Yesterday, my iPhone TouchID was able to recognize my thumb print for the first time in a long time. My skin had been so inflamed that my fingertips and toes were unrecognizable. I lost the feeling of touch 6 months ago.  You don’t realize how important the sense of touch is until it is lost.  

Any new symptom that could be related to my lupus or MS forces me to pivot with my plan, while remaining focused on the ultimate goal. I also schedule an appointment with my rheumatologist and neurologist when I start to notice new symptoms. Food is my medicine, exercise is my therapy, restoration is my cure. I implement lifestyle modifications while I wait for the appointment.
I consider myself a healthy person, but it is hard for anyone to be perfect all the time.  My body speaks volumes and I adjust. I am the most important member of my healthcare team.

Before I met with my team of doctors:
I recognized any new or old stressors and either cut the stressor out of my life or figured a way to change my reaction. Thank you, Goose, for your awesome advice.  
I embraced more restorative treatments and classes.
I listened to a trusted coach about my workouts. Thanks, Anne!!!SMXLL

I further modified my already healthy meal plan and started the AIP.A Week in The Life of AIP

By the time I met with my doctors, my skin had dramatically improved and most of the worst symptoms were gone…for now. I have now been on the AIP meal plan for 30 days.
How my body has changed:
In the last 6 days I ran over 45 miles with no pain. This is a big feat for anyone with MS or Lupus.
In the past 3 weeks my vertigo finally disappeared. I had lived with it for three months.
I am down 9 pounds and 3% body fat, without focusing on weight loss.
My brain and neck scan were “unremarkable”. Unremarkable is remarkable with my chronic diseases.
My blood work was great.
Daily habits
Breakfast:Breakfast Hash with bacon and avocado.Caffeine free tea
Lunch:Tuna fish with salad, or any leftovers from dinner.
Dinner:One-pan chicken(check out recipes in our AIP plan for details)
64 oz. of water
Weekly Habits
60 minutes of outdoor exercise, 6 days a week
1-2 restorative classes:Yoga, Yogilates, Pilates, and Tai Chi
1-3 restorative treatments a week:Normatec Boots, massage, and acupressure
2 functional training sessions a weekI always jump into sessions at embody.
Being disciplined is a choice but the alternative is terrifying.  People always seem worried about giving up a favorite habit.
How can I drink coffee without cream?   I have such a sweet tooth?I love my spin classes?
I like to respond with some of my favorite reasons to balance your lifestyle.
It’s fun to ace all your medical tests.Your sleep will improve.And you will need a new wardrobe.

How are you balancing your lifestyle? 


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