I started the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) 4 weeks ago. It means I eat when I am hungry. I don’t focus on limiting macros. I drink a lot of water. 
I am going to share some of the tricks I discovered to stay on plan while traveling and facing temptation.
On The RoadI didn’t have time to pack food before I left to watch my daughter play softball for a few hours. The field she plays on is surrounded by some tempting restaurants, and on top of that I was planning to drive to Philadelphia after the game. 
Before the game, I drove to Whole Foods and quickly purchased a package of turkey breast, salami, avocado, and citrus fruit on sale and organic strawberries. I grabbed everything I would need in order to eat (like utensils and napkins) and a large water to wash it all down. SLXLM



On the field’s sidelines I wrapped a slice of avocado with deli meat and ate until I was satiated. I watched the games and then drove to Philadelphia with my other daughter, eating the leftovers in the car while she drove.  
I was staying overnight in my daughters apartment and we both needed a fast dinner after a long trip to Philadelphia. Instead of giving in to all of the temptations of fast foods places, or the amazing restaurants that line the streets, we stopped at the most basic of all supermarkets. 
We purchased chicken breasts, avocado oil, broccoli, ginger root, garlic, scallions, and coconut aminos.
When we got to the apartment, I heated the avocado oil, fresh garlic and ginger in a cast iron skillet.  I sautéed the broccoli, added sliced chicken and garlic coconut aminos, and then finished by adding fresh sliced scallions. Dinner was ready in 30 minutes (and that was with a bad stove).
I felt great on the trip and I drove back home feeling awesome. 
I always pack my sneakers for every trip.  I scheduled my long run when my daughter was going to busy. I ate some dates on my long run for the extra fuel. After the run, I ditched my car and enjoyed the city on my legs.  SLXLM


At HomeAt home, during the week, I ate breakfast hash or leftovers from dinner or lunch for every meal.
A few of my favorite dinner and lunch options for the week were:
1. Asian Inspired Soup
3 lbs boneless pork shoulder, cubed, 3 inch pieces1 small Napa cabbage, halved and sliced thinly 64 oz bone broth4 carrots, diced3 shallots, diced1 stalk lemongrass2 inches peeled fresh ginger salt1 tsp fish oil2 tbsp coconut aminos
-Saute shallots and carrots in instant pot until soft-Add pork shoulder, coat with salt and saute until browned-Cancel saute function. Add bone broth, ginger, lemongrass and more salt, stir. Close instant pot, set valve to sealing and turn on high pressure for 17 min.-Once cooking is complete, cover instant pot valve with a dishtowel and turn to venting. -Once pressure is released/venting is done, open instant pot and use a fork to pull apart pork. -Put in napa cabbage. Close instant pot, set valve to sealing and put on high pressure for one minute. -Once instant pot is done, release valve, add fish oil and coconut aminos, adjusting to taste, then serve.
2. Tuna fish salad
1 can of  Wild Planet tuna mixed with a small avocado, garlic powder, salt, lemon, and 1 tsp of avocado oil.
Add to a bed of greens and add greek seasoning with 2 parts olive oil and 1 part red wine vinegar.
3. FruitSLXLM

This doesn’t need much explanation. Fresh fruit is always amazing.
Staying On when Dining Out
Maggiano’s Little Italy
Dinner reservations weren’t until 8:30, and the day had been another long one sitting and watching softball.  Dinner plans at Maggiano’s could be a recipe for disaster, with some of my favorite meals on the menu.  
Instead of the chicken parm I would normally get, I chose a Center-Cut Filet Mignon and asparagus, trading the potatoes for a side of spinach.  I enjoyed a glass of dry red wine with the meal, which is allowed on AIP.

Porter Bar and Grill
I researched the restaurant and couldn’t find anything great on plan, so I decided to eat before I went. While I was there I had a glass of dry red wine. To me, nothing looked appealing and it helped that I knew it was not going to be a late night.
When I got home, I ate some yummy leftovers. While this may not work in all situations, this certainly works for some. Exhaust all your options when navigating the outside world of food before going off plan.

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