Going on vacation can be the downfall for many of our clients.  We always try to get a return date for every client so we can check in the first day back.
As we celebrate the 4th of July, it is a great time to review some ways to have a great vacation without having any long term regrets.  

Enjoy the vacationbut own unhealthy patterns of behavior.Summer getaways can be a gift or a curse for a healthy lifestyle.  Spending every summer with a “break” from reality can lead to a pattern of bad habits that are hard to break. 
All bets are off on a trip to Cape Cod when it comes to a s’more on a summer night. There is no need to purchase multiple bags of massive marshmallows unless you are trying to recreate the marshmallow man from Ghostbusters. If you do recreate it, be sure to send us a picture!


Day drinking on a beach, late afternoon drinking with tray a cheese and crackers, and night drinking with fireflies is acceptable behavior. It is important to keep track of your patterns of behavior and set yourself up for long term success on vacation and beyond.
Plan your break from healthy eating to make sure it’s worth it!  Enjoy a glass of wine or beer but maybe don’t down Natty Light on the beach.  Devour a perfectly prepared s’more but don’t eat the burnt ones that landed in the fire pit.

Food Prep works on vacation.Purchase organic protein (chicken, ground beef, and steak tips) at Costco for the best deal.  All the meats should be marinating in Ziplock bags and a cooler for the drive down. (You still have time if you are already on vacation)
New Recipe (from the hubby)Add the following ingredients to a large mason jar
1 medium bunch scallions chopped into coarse pieces2 large limes juiced4 squares frozen ginger (or 1 inch of fresh ginger root)3 squares frozen garlic (or 3 large fresh garlic cloves)1 tsp thyme1 1/2 tbsp allspice1 tsp cinnamon2 tsp black pepper1 tsp salt1 tablespoon hot sauce (used bloodroot mountain north country cayenne from whole foods)2 dates chopped2 tbsp avocado oil3 tbsp coconut aminos
Blend with immersion blender in the mason jar
Marinate 4 whole bone-in chicken leg/thigh pieces and 2 large bone-in chicken breasts in a gallon size ziplock bag for at least 24 hours.
Other recipe ideas from our meal plan
Chop and cut up all the ingredients for a hearty dish like the Embody Fuel Breakfast Hash from week 5 of the Transformation Challenge.
Make a pot of Embody Fuel Turmeric Tea and carry it down in 2 large Mason Jars.  One has a concentrated recipe to pour in a mason jar filled with lemon and ice.  

Eating healthy on vacation should be delicious!  Lobst-ah is always an approved dinner.  It’s as simple as adding extra veggies and skipping the bread and baked goods.  You don’t need to travel 2 hours to Cape Cod to eat a piece of bread when you could do that from home. 
Remember, a Cheese Curl is not a local delicacy that you can only eat on the beach. But, if you are in France, we fully support you trying a true croissant or crêpe. 

Schedule Meals.Waiting for 12 family members to use the outdoor shower can be a dangerous situation for anyone trying to eat healthy. Snacking on bowls of salty foods during family shower time will lead to severe bloat before a delicious dinner.


If you are not scheduled to eat..don’t eat!  Mindless eating is not appropriate for vacation or life.
Commit to a meal plan and schedule for vacation! We recommend breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, and dinner.  No snacking after dinner!

Schedule workouts with a friend.You do not need to run every second, but have a plan to get in some exercise.  Check the weather and prepare a schedule that suits your friends and family.
For example,25 minute HIIT workout before breakfast1 minute sprint (get uncomfortable, try involving a steep hill at a fast walk)2 minute slow walkrepeat for 25 minutes
Seven Sun Salutations Post Run
1 song’s worth of meditation after dinner
Share the plan with your travel companions and recruit a friend or family member to join you. If you don’t bring a friend just text one of our trainers all the workouts.  We want to celebrate your healthy lifestyle with you.


Enjoy your trip!  You can make any trip a “spa vacation” by finding the healthiest version of you.  Indulge in your favorite chocolate chip pancakes or wine, but always keep your eye on the prize.  We want you to enjoy all your vacations with your friends and family!

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