Sugar is my longest love affair, however, at an early age, I realized it was going to be a long rocky road.
If my husband treated me like sugar, it would have been over before it began.  I committed to sugar like an abusive lover.  I kept going back for instant gratification and expected to have different results.

As a child, my sensitive stomach was an obstacle, especially on long car rides.  I can remember the barf bucket in the back seat of that awesome 70’s station wagon with no seat belts. The guardrail still conjures up memories of my intense willpower to control my vomit until it was safe to pull off Route 95.
When my mom discovered that chocolate donuts would definitely result in a vomiting episode we compromised with only eating honey dipped donuts. We dabbled in the chocolate frosted but soon realized it was too dangerous. 
In the end, I couldn’t resist the shimmery chocolate cake that beckoned me from that orange and white Dunkin Donut box. Eventually, I secretly ignored the restraining order and met my forbidden love in dark hallways during church coffee hour. 


I would start with one just donut hole and the next thing  I remember was waking up with chocolate donut vomit in my hair. I tried to deny our secret meeting, but chocolate donut vomit on a pillow forces any kid to confess to all food indiscretion. 
Now as I near 50 years old I no longer sit in the back seat of the car with a vomit bucket and I also have established a healthier relationship with my oldest love.  I realized that this relationship had to change because my health was at risk.  If this was just about a wardrobe I probably would have purchased a pair of pajama jeans and enjoyed my favorite Sugar Daddy instead of taking a yoga class.  My expanding waistline means debilitating joint pain, a compromised immune system, and a weak left side. I could go on but it is not pretty.  
I live with sugar under my rules.   

We schedule our time together

​​Sugar will always be a part of my life but it won’t rule my life.  I am not sure that I am a person who can live with an open bag of chocolate in my house, so, I schedule our rendezvous. We don’t meet in dark alleys anymore. We schedule romantic getaways and cherish our time together. 
I plan a day during the week when I can have chocolate or sugar. I purchase the amount or save a gift for that time.  A planned break from clean eating also helps me to savor my break instead of mindlessly grabbing sugar that I don’t love.
Scheduling time with delicious sugar is important to make sure this new lifestyle can last forever.  
No habits include sugar
My habits are clean of all sugar. I don’t consume any drinks with sugar, especially my daily tea. It is important to not let sugar or artificial sugar to sneak into my daily routine.  It is important to know if sugar is hiding in processed food. There is no point in limiting fruit and drinking something like Propel Water that is laced with artificial sweeteners.  Following this rule in conjunction with only eating real food makes this rule work.
A clean routine is the key to managing a healthy relationship with sugar. 

We never meet in dark corners. 
I am no longer secretive with my choices.  I like privacy when I eat but I don’t wait until everyone leaves my house to indulge in sugar. I would never use the drive thru at Dunkin Donuts and eat a donut in the parking lot.
Social eating helps control the urge to binge secretly.  

Having a healthy relationship with food is a powerful tool for any lifestyle transformation.  

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