Whether it’s a “food baby” or a “food hangover”, it can begin a downward spiral for many people.  Everyone struggles with a cheat night, cheat week or a cheat decade.  It is important to own your choices and move forward.
5 Ways to Get Back on Track with Nutrition
1. Document patterns of behavior.  What started the path to bad choices?
For example:

  1. I talked to a stressful person. 
  2. I got annoyed after that conversation.
  3. I purchased a bottle of wine, cheese and crackers.
  4. I sat on the couch, watched Dr. Phil and ate everything.
  5. I had a restless night and struggled to get back on track
  6. Person is still around and I don’t feel well

Next time try and pick a number and have a plan.  

  1. I talked to a stressful person. Don’t talk to that person, or 
  2. I got annoyed after that conversation. It’s ok to be upset.  Just have a plan for those feelings, that don’t involve bad food.
  3. I sat on the couch, watched Dr. Phil and ate everything. Go for a walk to calm down or schedule a massage to reward yourself for keeping it  together, or schedule a workout
  4. Enjoy a lovely night a sleep and wake up refreshed.
  5. Person is still around and you feel amazing.

2. Staying accountable on the scale.
Getting back on the scale in front of a great coach/friend, who will hold you accountable, is the key to long term success.  Don’t try and lose the weight and then step on the scale!  Take ownership of unhealthy choices and measure your hard work.  When you discover that eating clean means a 7 pound weight loss, that makes all the effort worthwhile.  When you discover that a bottle of wine and a dozen donuts means a 5 pound weight gain, that will help you make better choices.  
3. Pick a day to get back on track and announce it to the world.  
Make an appointment with yourself to get healthy.  Find a coach/friend who will hold you accountable and set a goal.  Make sure you stay in contact with your coach/friend during those tough moments.  Share your struggles and celebrate your success with your coach/friend. 
4. Document with photos.
Don’t get upset with the before photo. You are beginning your journey and it is important to embrace yourself every step of the way.  We can not “photo-shop” our lives.  We can not alter the angle of the lens in order to emphasize our best self all the time.  Become your best self and document that journey with honest photos.
5. Discover your North Star
What is your true motivation?  If it is just about looking good, you will struggle!  Clothes are awesome and looking good is only one credit card away.  I like to remind my clients that if I had a magic pill that promised; great skin, phenomenal blood work, happy doctor appointments and the only possible side effect is weight loss and a new wardrobe…the cost would not matter.  Healthy eating is the magic pill! Find a person who has been on that journey to help you see that North Star.  
Good luck!.  Today is the day to design your journey.

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