Pressing the Restart Button

 I have struggled with my weight my entire life but I finally found long term success in my 40’s by creating a new relationship with exercise, restoration, and food.

This past week I pressed the restart button, again.  I indulged during the weekend of the Super-bowl and used my food-baby as a reason to eat super clean for one week and document the details. 

I am down almost two pounds in 7 days. Although this exceeded my goal of one pound a week, I was frustrated.  Considering how difficult it was to change, I felt that I should have lost 15 pounds.  I had two small cheats all week and one cheat day.  My no’s to temptation far outnumbered my yes’s. 

Do I have any regrets?  After looking back on my week, I can promise you that every piece of food I ate, and workout I endured, was worth that number.  I can not imagine a piece of food that is worth not feeling this great. As of today, I am part time-trainer and yoga instructor,  full-time co-owner of embody, and full-time manager to a multi-state family.  I should be exhausted and yet I feel great. I will make my favorite recipes and be ready for the next week.This week I will work for the next weigh-in and I will struggle with temptation.   I will argue with myself over that seasonal Cadbury Egg that only comes around this time of the year.  I will struggle with Trader Joe’s down the street and their wonderful marketing campaign.  “I can’t purchase any bad food from such a healthy establishment, so their chocolate bar with almonds can not be that bad.”
However, I understand that multiple small cheats are only bad habits. I will ignore my peers and friends telling me to ignore the scale.  I will use the scale as a measurement of my health not my self-worth. Eating clean is the only habit I want to embrace.

I will focus on the weigh in on Monday with no distractions.I will remind myself that this is my journey to a healthier lifestyle.  I will try to get more sleep….because after tracking for week that is a big problem. 


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