My middle daughter tells me that my lifestyle tastes like sadness. I always eat well but was going all in on the AIP Protocol.  Currently, I don’t eat dairy, nuts, grains, nightshades, processed foods, alcohol, butter, eggs, caffeine, or gluten. I am sure there is more but I forget all my restrictions. I like to focus on the things I do eat and on new palate goals.    I eat a lot of breakfast hash,  sausage kale soup, fresh fruit and vegetables, and grass fed turkey burgers.  I am trying to incorporate seafood but it is a challenge for me.  I am working on some new recipes to help me train for a half marathon.
On Sunday morning when I was preparing for my long run I had no regrets with my nutrition. I felt strong and fit. My legs were performing at their best at the age of 46 and living with lupus and MS. I didn’t miss my Friday cheat night on Sunday morning. Instead of my usual burger, I enjoyed a grass fed steak with broccoli and my favorite salad.  I have not touched alcohol in over a week.  My Sunday morning legs were worth every second of commitment over the weekend.
I started my run and was dodging black ice like Gal Gadot in a fight scene.  Everything was working! 


I was celebrating my body until this happened


About 3 miles into my 10 mile run I was as graceful as the best GIF out there. I went down hard on black ice.  I  have run on a broken foot and usually continue after most falls, but this was different.  I could already feel the whiplash and nausea start as soon as I got up.  I tried to walk/run it off until I needed to call a family member to pick me up.  Every step was bad.  

I have been a professional klutz all my life or a “fall expert”. I can still remember when the emergency room doctors at Lahey Clinic asked my husband to leave the room because they were concerned about spousal abuse.  After I promised them I was by myself for every injury they commented that only hockey players required that many visits.  Looking back maybe it was the beginning of MS or maybe it was trying to ride a bike while trying to change songs on my walkman (that only happened once).  I fell a lot but it never stopped me. I would usually need days to recover from the pain. They day after was always the worst!
Sunday was my first fall in a long time and I was prepared for the 20-30 year old version of me. I planned on being out for some time with pain.  
I quickly went home and took a warm shower. I iced my hip and heated my neck. I went to work and tried to move carefully. I stretched cautiously and willed me body to heal. 
Yesterday was the dreaded post fall day and I ran 10 miles with no problem. There was a part of me that wanted to count my 3 miles from Sunday, but instead I decided to prove something to the younger version of me.  I am stronger, fitter, and faster in my late 40’s. Food is my medicine, restoration is my cure, and exercise is my therapy.  
The AIP Protocol is not for everyone but using food as medicine is an under-utilized tool.  Today is the perfect day to focus on eating healthy food and having new palate goals.  
I want to also have a big shout out to my oldest daughter for encouraging my to start the AIP Protocol for Lent this year. It is wonderful to have a partner on this journey.  

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